Account Mapping

Pave a clearer path to revenue by building better relationships with the buyers who matter most.

Account Mapping Image


Relationships renew deals

Contracts with multiple stakeholders are more likely to expand. Build strong relationships with the buyers who matter most.

Account maps that auto generate

Lantern’s account maps use AI to identify the most important stakeholders at each account.

Keep relationships warm

Workflows to ensure that all important contacts are reached out periodically

Track champion job changes

Champions switch jobs. When it happens, Lantern suggests the next best stakeholder to reach out to.



Key Factors for Success

Why teams of 5 to 5000 love Lantern.

Rapid deployment

Go live in less than an hour. We integrate with 50+ tools and popular data warehouses.

Ease of use

Built for speed with 50ms interactions and real-time sync.

Unified customer records

The first CDP built for B2B companies.

AI-powered insights

Deliver the perfect message at the perfect time with AI enabled workflows.

Fully configurable

Enterprise ready configuration and reporting.

Unlock $500k of pipeline

Start a free trial to see how Lantern can unlock a new pipeline channel: your existing customers.

<1 hour deployment

50+ integrations

SOC II Secure