Account Management

Use Lantern’s Revenue Platform to expand existing customers.

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Be customer obsessed. Increase NRR.

Account Managers leverage Lantern to drive upsells and build better relationships with customers.

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Increase Upsell and Expansion

Uncover opportunities to increase revenue, standardize best practices, and streamline collaboration

AI surfaces expansion opportunities

Engage with the right customer at the right time

Standardize upsell motion

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Build better relationships

Pave a clearer path to revenue by building better relationships with the buyers who matter most.

Automatically map customer accounts

Track when champions switch jobs

Make sure renewals are always multithreaded

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Customer lifecycle managment

Be there for every important milestone throughout the customer journey.

Track key customer milestones

Automate and scale tech touch

Trigger alerts for manual intervention

Unlock $500k of pipeline

Start a free trial to see how Lantern can unlock a new pipeline channel: your existing customers.

<1 hour deployment

50+ integrations

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