Lantern vs UserGems

Written by
David Bromberg
June 5, 2024
Lantern vs UserGems

Startups are rapidly moving from UserGems to Lantern for four primary reasons:

  • AI for risk management and buying intent
  • Ability to track/integrate across existing GTM tools
  • Fully custom and automated workflows
  • Cost

AI-driven Insights


UserGems monitors the CRM for job changes. They are unable to track intent.


Lantern combines first and third party data to create intent scores for every former customer that  switches jobs. Intent scores ensure that your team can prioritize hot leads that are ready to buy.‍

Integrations and Extensibility


Usergems connects to a Salesforce Report and notifies teams when a contact in a report switches jobs. This is a great start, but it only monitors users that are in Salesforce.


Your best users aren’t always in Salesforce, but they may have data in analytics tools, databases, and support desks. Lantern tracks all of your former users from over 30 SaaS tools, not just those in Salesforce. More users tracked = more opportunity.

Workflow Automation


UserGems can update a contact in a CRM or add a contact to a sales engagement sequence. However, modern sales teams need a rules engine to make sure the best leads are being worked.


Lantern has a full workflow and rules engine that allows teams to quickly route leads to CRMs, Marketing Platforms, Sales Engagement Solutions, Slack, and more. Lantern’s workflow engine can segment by buying intent, company size, and any attribute relevant to your team.


UserGems vs. Lantern

UserGems pricing starts at $30k/year. Please reach out about how we can save you money with all of the previously mentioned benefits:

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