The OS for post-sales.

Lantern helps Enterprise SaaS companies identify upsell opportunities, reduce churn and build stronger customer relationships.

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Make your data work for you.

It's 2021. You've invested in Salesforce, Zendesk, and XYZ SaaS tool. However data is siloed between these tools and your CSMs struggle to link customer behavior to churn risk.

Lantern provides a single view of the customer to better answer support tickets, target upsell opportunies, and make product decisions.

Free trials aren't PQLs.

A customer signing up for a free trial does not indicate intent to expand. An AE closing the initial sale is only the start of the customer journey.

Lantern allows companies to manage the entire customer lifecycle from onboarding to renewals, high and low touch accounts at scale, and the health of their customer base.

Land and expand

You want to upsell your exising customers more agressively, but are left with questions:

Who are our champions?

How early should we engage an AE?

Who has recently talked to the customer?

Lantern helps organizations answer these questions and build strong customer relationships at scale.

Integrates with







50+ tools




Built for modern Sales and Product teams

Keep your existing SaaS stack.

Single view of the customer.

Stronger customer relationships.

Easy onboarding.

<100ms interactions.

Team collaboration.


From onboarding to expansion,

The entire post sale lifecycle lives in Lantern.

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