AI for Net Dollar Retention

Put your customer base on autopilot by continuously managing risk and driving growth.

Unlock >500k in pipeline

Smart automation

50+ integrations

SOC II Secure

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Unlock a new pipeline channel:

your existing customers

From tracking job changes to accelerating revenue, your next best customer is already using your product. Engage them when they need you the most, with Lantern.

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Explore the revenue cloud

Everything your revenue team needs to drive NRR.

Generate more pipeline

Old customer + New job = Hot lead

Drive growth by automatically targeting previous users when they switch jobs.

Track up to 150k contacts

Integrates with CRM, Sales Engagement, and Lead Routing

Money back guarantee

Hot lead
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Expand and Retain

Uncover opportunities to increase revenue, standardize best practices, and streamline collaboration.

AI surfaces expansion opportunities

Engage with the right customer at the right time

Standardize upsell motion

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AI Renewal Forecast

Expansion revenue should be forecasted with the same accuracy as pipeline.

AI powered renewal forecasts

Understand where to deploy resources

Focus on accounts with greatest expansion potential

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Quick Deployment. Deep customization.

The best of both worlds: <1 hour deployment and enterprise ready customization.

Integrations with all your GTM tools

Configurable for complex enterprise deployments

One place to run your revenue team

Use cases

NRR is a team metric

Lantern helps align entire revenue teams around increasing NRR.

Account Management

Identify and accelerate the product engagement that leads to revenue expansion.


Turn job changes into pipeline and expand existing accounts.


Convert happy customers into hot leads by leveraging referral programs and former users at new jobs.

Customer Success

Proactively resolve churn, automate customer lifecycle and upsell best customers.

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24/7 Customer Support

Lantern offers dedicated 24/7 Slack support for each and every one of our customers, including assistance with implementations, team trainings, workflow workshops, data reviews and much more.

Let us illuminate your path to success.

Unlock $500k of pipeline

Start a free trial to see how Lantern can unlock revenue from your existing customers.

<1 hour deployment

50+ integrations

SOC II Secure