Product highlight: How Lantern integrates with your favorite sales tools

Written by
David Bromberg
July 1, 2024
Product highlight: How Lantern integrates with your favorite sales tools

In today's fast-paced sales environment, having the right tools and information at your fingertips is crucial. Lantern is designed to streamline your prospecting efforts and boost your pipeline generation. Watch  our sales leader Vince  demonstrates exactly how the platform looks from a sales rep's perspective.

Let's check out  the key features and integrations he highlights:

Seamless integration with Salesforce for enhanced prospecting

As shown in the video, Lantern's integration with Salesforce takes your prospecting to the next level. When a job change is detected, Lantern automatically pushes this valuable information to your Salesforce account. This allows you to:

  • Quickly access new contact or lead records
  • Track lead sources to measure Lantern's impact on pipeline and closed-won revenue
  • Gain insights into high-intent scores and the factors behind them, such as role changes from VP to C-suite positions

Leveraging Slack for real-time sales intelligence

Vince demonstrates how Lantern's integration with Slack ensures that your team stays informed about important job changes in real-time. Here's how it enhances your sales process:

  • Receive instant notifications about job changes directly in your Slack channels
  • Share critical information with team members quickly and efficiently
  • Stay on top of opportunities without constantly switching between tools

Expanding outbound sales toolkit

Beyond Salesforce and Slack, Vince highlights additional integrations that Lantern offers with other essential sales tools:

  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborate with your team and share job change information seamlessly
  • Outreach and SalesLoft: Push job changes directly into your sales cadence tools for timely follow-ups
  • Segment: Gain valuable usage data insights for more informed decision-making, as demonstrated in the video with a target account example

Lantern's robust integrations with popular sales tools like Salesforce, Slack, and others provide sales reps with a powerful advantage in prospecting and pipeline generation. By centralizing critical information and automating data flow between platforms, Lantern empowers sales teams to work more efficiently and close deals faster. Experience the difference Lantern can make in your sales process and take your prospecting efforts to new heights.

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