The first B2B Customer Data Platform

No more tab switching. A single record of each customer.

The first B2B Customer Data Platform Image


One platform to manage your customers

Lantern ingests data from 50+ sources to create a single view of every customer.

No engineer required

Lantern’s CDP deploys in less than a hour without any engineer invovled.

Single record of the customer

No more tab switching. View all customer data in a single place.

Customer lifecycle automation

With a single record of the customer, track each customer’s lifecycle and automate milestones.



Key Factors for Success

Why teams of 5 to 5000 love Lantern.

Rapid deployment

Go live in less than an hour. We integrate with 50+ tools and popular data warehouses.

Ease of use

Built for speed with 50ms interactions and real-time sync.

Unified customer records

The first CDP built for B2B companies.

AI-powered insights

Deliver the perfect message at the perfect time with AI enabled workflows.

Fully configurable

Enterprise ready configuration and reporting.

Unlock $500k of pipeline

Start a free trial to see how Lantern can unlock a new pipeline channel: your existing customers.

<1 hour deployment

50+ integrations

SOC II Secure