Use Lantern’s Revenue Platform to get more qualified leads and expand existing customers.

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Unlock a new pipeline channel: your existing customers

Lantern helps sales teams drive growth from their existing customer base.

Old Customer + New Job = Hot Lead

Drive growth by automatically targeting previous users when they switch jobs.

Previous buyers/users/prospects are warm intro into their new accounts

Track users from CRM, Analytics, Support, and more

20% of champions will switch jobs this year. Unlock a new pipeline source

Hot lead
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Increase Upsell and Expansion

Uncover opportunities to increase revenue, standardize best practices, and streamline collaboration

AI surfaces expansion opportunities

Engage with the right customer at the right time

Standardize upsell motion

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Forecast renewals

Expansion revenue should be forecasted with the same accuracy as pipeline.

AI powered renewal forecasts

Understand where to deploy resources

Focus on accounts with greatest expansion potential

Unlock $500k of pipeline

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<1 hour deployment

50+ integrations

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